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Panasonic Rechargeable AA 1000mAh 1.2V NiMH


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Data sheet

Type Rechargeable
Style AA
Target platform Rechargeable batteries
Compositions NiMH
Amperage Does not apply
Voltage 1.2V
Capacity 1000mAh
Characteristics No specific properties
Warranty 3 months
Manufacturing number AA

More info

Up to 2.100 charging cycles
Product benefits and highlights:
Unmatchable long cycle life: up to 2100 cycles!
Ready to use: you can use them immediately after buying them
Stay charged: after 1 year still up to 80% of the capacity remains without charging
Ideal for the frequent rechargeable battery user

DECT AA battery:
Incomparable long service life: Save money and the environment
Up to 2.100 recharges. You read it well! Panasonic developed durable and reliable materials that let you reuse a rechargeable DECT AA BATTERY again and again and again. That means you are not only saving money, but also the environment with fewer resources used and less wastage.

Ideal for low-current devices:
The Panasonic Rechargeable DECT AA batteries are perfectly suited to powering low-current devices such as remote controllers, baby phones, a computer mouse and DECT phones. They are especially designed for delivering an intermittent low-current service.

All-weather performance:
Even in extreme climates and weather conditions, Panasonic Rechargeable DECT battery AA batteries reward with consistently dependable performance. The batteries are particularly resistant to cold, with usage guaranteed down to -20 °C — perfect for skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Immediately usable:
The batteries in the package are fully charged so that everyone can use them immediately after purchase. Depending the storage conditions and the device used, usage may not be possible or the usage time may be shortened. If this happens, you should recharge additionally before using the batteries. The rechargeable DECT AA batteries have an advanced self-discharge control system which retains about 80% of the original capacity after one year in storage. So you can enjoy reliable performance when you need it most. This condition is only valid when the battery is fully recharged, removed from the charger and then stored at 20 °C (68 °F) or lower. Storing at high temperatures or in high humidity is not recommended. Once a year you should recharge the battery, even when you have not used it.

Technical Specifications:
Panasonic Battery code: HHR-3LVE
Size: AA
Technology: Ni-MH
Voltage: 1,2V
Height: 50,5 mm
Diameter: 14,5 mm
Weight: 20,35 g

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