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Manufacturing number ASS030537010

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The VE.Bus Smart dongle - NEW! Two products in one:
1) Primarily, the VE.Bus Smart dongle is the Bluetooth accessory for the Victron range with a VE.Bus port, such as the inverter-charger combinations (Multi, MultiPlus, MultiPlus-II, MultiGrid, MultiGrid-II, Quattro) and the VE.Bus series Phoenix inverters. Once installed, you can use the VictronConnect app to monitor the operation of these devices, as well as control the system including changing the input current limit and switching modes (Off, On, or Charge Only).

2) In addition, this dongle adds voltage and temperature sensor functionality to the inverter-charger combinations. This works with all models and is especially useful in combination with the MultiPlus-II, as it does not have onboard terminals for voltage and temperature sensor wiring.

For system monitoring, for which the Color Control GX or Venus GX are a step too far, this device is a great alternative for use in caravans, smaller yachts and motorhomes.

When used with multi-inverter/chargers, the dongle provides battery temperature and voltage sensing capabilities to compensate for potential cable losses that may occur during charging and discharging. Temperature measurement ensures accurate temperature compensation while charging the battery. For MultiPlus-II models, the dongle is currently the only way to add an on-battery detection capability.

The dongle can be used in systems with or without a Venus device, such as the CCGX. In systems with a Venus device, the dongle will not overwrite the temperature and voltage information already provided by the Venus device. In this role, the dongle will provide live information through the VictronConnect interface; and in that case does not provide internet firmware updates.

When the dongle is used in systems that do not have a Venus device, the dongle's voltage and temperature data becomes the primary source of that information, and can be used by other connected devices for voltage compensation. For example, the VE.Bus Smart dongle can be part of a VE.Smart network, and transmit voltage and temperature data to other Smart network devices.

The VE.Bus Smart dongle can detect battery temperature in two ways: the default method is the dongle's built-in temperature sensor. However, when the dongle is mounted directly to the battery (using the adhesive attachment), it senses the battery temperature directly from the battery housing. The second method - which provides improved battery temperature detection - is also available using an optional battery terminal mounted sensor. When this sensor is connected, the default sensor is overridden and the dongle only uses this method.

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