Pylontech 85.26kWh Force-H2 HV System + Free Pylontech HV-3 Combiner Box



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Manufacturing number FH9637MA01V00101, FC0500MA01V00101, 11C0MB1NERA-00003
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Pylontech 85.26Wh Force-H2 HV System + Free Pylontech HV-6 Combiner Box

This package consists of the following products:
24 x PYL-F-H2-BATT-96V - Force H2 96V 3.55kWh Battery FH9637
6 x PYL-F-H2-BMU-BASE V2 - Force H2 BMS with Base and Cable (FC0500M-40S-V2)
1x P-COMBINER-HV6 - Pylontech HV-6 Combiner Box - For Free!

Pylontech's Force-H2 is a home energy storage system (HESS) that combines a modern, modular design with easy installation, easy connections and outdoor compatibility.

Modular design allows for quick and secure installation without open cabling and connections
Stylish design suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations (with appropriate protection)
Proven BMS with wide inverter compatibility

10 year warranty
Take the opportunity and extend the manufacturer's warranty from 3 to 10 years for free. All you need to do is register your Pylontech for free.

About the Pylontech HV Combiner Box HV-6

The Pylontech HV Combiner Box is an essential part of your energy storage system and enables the safe and efficient connection of multiple high-voltage batteries.
This high-quality combiner box is specifically designed for use with Pylontech batteries and ensures smooth integration and connection.
With this Combiner Box HV-6 can be added maximum 6 Pylontech Force-H2 ESS towers.

This Pylontech HV Combiner Box is compatible with the Pylontech Force-H2 Batteries.
Other Pylontech battery model, ask Pylontech Techincal Support Center. They need to evaluate your system, battery model and solar system-plant to confirm compatibility.

Specifications and Features:
- Compatibility: The HV Combiner Box is perfectly matched to Pylontech batteries and ensures smooth integration into your energy storage system.
- Safety: It has safety features to ensure safe connection of the batteries and minimize potential risks.
- Easy Installation: Clear labeling of the connectors and user-friendly design enable easy installation.
- Reliability: The combiner box is robust and durable to ensure long-term and reliable performance.
- Components: It contains the necessary components and connectors to safely connect and operate the batteries.

The Pylontech HV Combiner box plays a crucial role in connecting and coordinating your high voltage batteries and helps optimize the overall performance of your energy storage system.
With this combiner box, you can ensure that your batteries work together efficiently and your energy needs are reliably met.

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