RCT Power Battery 1.9kWh



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RCT Power Battery
Get the most out of your photovoltaic system. Storage of generated solar energy is a key issue for owners of solar installations. The RCT Power Battery provides a particular safe and resource-conserving solution for the management of energy needs of residential homes and commercial buildings and facilities. With the RCT Power Battery you will become more independent from your energy provider and be able to shape your energy demand. Power outages are no longer an issue. You will never stay in the dark when you use an emergency power supply together with the RCT Power Battery.

Flexible and upgradable
The high voltage battery from RCT Power guarantees highest efficiency and autonomy. The modular system can be upgraded and adapted to fit user requirements. Your system grows to accommodate new energy consuming appliances, e.g. an electric car. All our batteries are delivered in the elegant design that is typical for RCT Power.

Battery technology made in Germany
The RCT Power Battery excels at safety and in battery lifetime. The energy storage for solar electricity uses lithium iron phosphate battery cells that are considered to be among the safest lithium ion batteries. Add the wiring technology and a very high value battery management system – all Made in Germany – and RCT Power battery will be the ideal solution for your storage requirements.

Monitoring with RCT Power App
High Level Battery Management System
Modular design and easy wiring enabling easy transport and installation

DC coupled 3-phase high voltage battery
High Voltage, high efficiency, low stress on components
6kW charging & discharging capacity

LiFePo cell chemistry
10 years current value compensation guarantee
German Battery Management System

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