SMA Sunny Tripower 6kW Hybrid Smart Energy Storage Three Phase Inverter



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Data sheet

Type Hybrid Inverter
Style 3-phase inverter
Wattage 6kW
Manufacturing number STP6.0-3SE-40

More info

SUNNY TRIPOWER 5.0 / 6.0 / 8.0 / 10.0 SMART ENERGY
The beating heart of any home
The Sunny Tripower Smart Energy hybrid inverter is the two-in-one system for supplying solar power at home. With this, SMA has combined smart technology and integrated services to create a space-saving compact system, drawing on more than 30 years of experience in storage.
With Sunny Tripower Smart Energy, users can easily and conveniently generate, use and store solar power.
It is possible to make additions to the system at any time, incorporating e-mobility or heat pumps. The integrated battery-backup function safeguards the household electricity supply even in the event of a grid failure. That makes domestic PV systems comprehensive, smart energy systems with solar energy self-sufficiency of up to 100 percent.

Store energy
• Three-phase / DC-coupled
• Integrated battery-backup function
• Fast charging
• Compatible with high-voltage batteries from leading manufacturers
Smart and effective
• Smart energy management with the Sunny Home Manager
• Maximum energy yield thanks to SMA ShadeFix
Connect to the grid easily
• Intuitive commissioning via app
• Quick and easy to install thanks to external terminals
• Compact design means minimum space requirements
Convenient all round
• Full-scale professional support for solar power professionals
• Automated service thanks to SMA Smart Connected
• Warranty extension from 5 to 10 years – free of charge

Functions of the basic system with SMA Energy Meter
• Maximum system yield and reduced electricity procurement costs thanks to dynamic limits on grid feed-in of between 0% and 100%*
• Reliable supply for selected loads even in the event of grid failure thanks to integrated automatic backup power supply
• Flexible battery use via PV inverter installed in parallel thanks to DC and AC charging
• Easy commissioning via 360° APP and intuitive installation wizard
* Does not apply to multiple inverters in one system

Functions of the advanced system with Sunny Home Manager 2.0
• Basic system functions
• Increased energy self-sufficiency, ideally matched to your specific installation site and usage by means of artificial intelligence
• Smart combination with heat pumps
• Smart combination with electric vehicles
• Maximum energy use thanks to forecast-based charging
• Visualization of energy consumption
• Dynamic limits on grid feed-in of between 0% and 100% with multiple SMA inverters

Integrated service for ease and comfort
SMA Smart Connected* allows you to monitor your inverter via the SMA Sunny Portal for free. If an inverter fails, SMA will proactively inform the PV system owner and the installer. This saves valuable working time and costs.
With SMA Smart Connected, the installer benefits from rapid diagnostics by SMA. This allows the installer to rectify the fault
quickly and offer customers a range of additional and highly attractive services.

During registration of the system in the Sunny Portal, the installer activates SMA Smart Connected and benefits from automatic inverter monitoring by SMA.
SMA takes on the job of inverter monitoring with SMA Smart Connected. SMA automatically checks the individual inverters for anomalies around the clock during operation. As a result, every customer benefits from SMA’s many years of experience.
After a fault has been diagnosed and analyzed, SMA informs the installer and end customer immediately by e-mail. This ensures that everyone involved is properly prepared for the troubleshooting process. This minimizes downtime and saves time and money. Regular power reports also provide valuable information about the overall system.
If a replacement device is necessary, SMA will automatically supply a new inverter within one to three days of the fault being diagnosed. The installer can contact the PV system operator of their own accord and replace the inverter.

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