Tigo EI 6kW Hybrid 3 Phase Inverter TSI-6K3D



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Data sheet

Type Hybrid Inverter
Style 3-phase inverter
Wattage 6kW
Manufacturing number 601-1306K0-0001, TIGO-TSI-6K3D

More info

Tigo EI Inverter - TSI-6K3D 6kW Hybrid 3-phase
Item number: TIGO-TSI-6K3D
Storage Systems - Hybrid Inverter

Manufacturer Code: 601-1306K0-0001 / TIGO-TSI-6K3D
Phases: 3
Weight: 34 kg
Rated power: 6,000 W
Min PPT voltage: 180 V
Max PPT voltage: 950 V
DC Startup voltage: 200 V
DC Shutdown voltage: 200 V
Max input voltage: 1,000 V
Max DC Power: 10,000W
Max AC Power (5 Minutes): 12,000 W
Surge AC Power (1 Second): 12,000 W
Max DC Current: 32 A
Max DC Inputs: 2
Has DC Fuses: 0
Connector: MC4
Included Connectors: 0
Euro Efficiency: 97%
Transformer: None
MPPT Quantity: 2
Integrated DC switch?: No
Warranty: 12 years

Technical specifications
Emergency power supply: 6.0kW with the EI Link Wirebox.
Input current: 16 A
Short circuit current: 20 A
Battery compatibility: battery link for high voltage battery (Tigo EI Battery only)
3-phase smart meter included
Connectivity: LAN included, WiFi included
Note: The inverter is not suitable for Belgium.

Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) is a complete energy storage system that easily expands to accommodate customer's ever changing needs. The Tigo EI Battery stacks 3kWh blocks, easily allowing up to 12kWh of total energy. The Tigo EI Link is the keystone of the EI System. It is the communications hub and points for all grid, inverter, PV and battery connections. When paired with Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE, module level monitoring, optimization, and fire safety features can all be achieved with Tigo communications already built in.

• Powered by Tigo TS4 optimizers for maximizing flexibility with module design
• Supporting 150% oversized PV power
• Providing back-up, time of use, and energy management
• Fast Charging and high discharge current from battery
• Responding time less than 10ms
• Remote Monitoring and over the air upgrade
• Working in full load under extreme cold condition
• Fast installation and commissioning
• Industry leading warranty

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