New PYLONTECH US5000-1C 4.8kWh 48V Lithium Energy Storage System



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Data sheet

Made in China
Manufacturing number US5000-1C
Special freight Yes

More info

The US5000-1C is an updated version of the US5000 battery from Pylontech. The US5000-1C offers upgraded firmware and increased operation logic from 0.8C to 1.0C.
When adding the US5000-1C to an existing stack of US5000 then the US5000-1C will need to be the master master.

Product Features
• Modular design for ease of expansion
• Higher usable capacity resulting in less battery modules installed
• Usable capacity 4 560Wh
• Parallel Capability of up to 16 units
• Allows for large installation of up to 72.96kWh with no LV Hub
• Intelligent BMS protecting battery cells
• 95% DoD with more usable capacity
• RS485 and CAN compatible
• With a 7-year warranty extendable to 10 years
• Long cycle life and superior performance
• Compatible with many inverter brands
Please note: To activate the extended warranty it must be registered online on Pylontech platform.

Pylontech US5000-1C specifications:
• Manufacturer Part No: US5000-1C
• Weight: 40.4 kg Rated Power: 5,000
• Battery Type: Lithium Ion
• Nominal Energy: 4800 Wh
• Depth of discharge: 95.00 %
• Voltage: 48 V
• Continuous Discharge Rate (Normal Use): 2400 W
• Maximum Discharge Rate (5 Minutes): 4800 W
• Surge Discharge Rate (15 Seconds): 5808 W
• Maximum Charge Rate (5 Minutes): 4800 W
IIn accordance with Pylontech's warranty conditions. The warranty is only valid if the batteries have been installed by an electrician or authorised installer.

The main difference between Pylontech US5000 and Pylontech US5000-1C lies in their discharge rate and potentially other internal improvements.
Here's a breakdown:
• Discharge Rate:
- US5000: This model has a standard discharge rate. It can deliver its full capacity (4.8 kWh) in a longer timeframe, typically not specified but estimated to be over 1 hour.
- US5000-1C: This model boasts a 1C discharge rate. The "1C" refers to a rate where the battery can deliver its full capacity (4.8 kWh) in 1 hour. This faster discharge allows the battery to provide higher power output when needed.

• Potential Internal Improvements:
- While information is limited, the US5000-1C might have additional internal improvements compared to the US5000. These improvements could be related to:
- Cycle life: The US5000-1C might have a longer lifespan due to the potentially less stressful discharge cycles.
- Efficiency: The US5000-1C might have slightly improved efficiency during faster discharge due to optimized internal components.

Choosing the right model depends on your needs:
• If you need the battery to deliver its full power quickly, such as for backup power applications requiring high surge currents, then the US5000-1C is a better choice.
• If fast discharge isn't crucial, and you prioritize a potentially lower initial cost, then the US5000 might be sufficient.

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