Pylontech H32148 32V 4.74 kWh high voltage battery for PowerCube M1



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Manufacturing number POWERCUBE M1 (H32148)
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Pylontech H32148 32V high voltage battery for PowerCube M1
Compatible with BMS 1000-200 and PowerCube M1

Pylontech PowerCube M1 construction components: 1 BMS 1000-200 and batteries from 2 to 23 Pylontech H32148 batteries, M1 cable kit and M1 rack. (Rack according to number of batteries).

Pylontech H32148 - 4.74 kWh Modules
The Pylontech H32148 LiFePO4 battery has a capacity of 4.74 kWh and is suitable for commercial and industrial storage applications.
The battery cell is LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) ensures the highest level of efficiency and safety among the technologies available on the market today.

The H32148 is designed to ensure reliable power delivery, for various types of equipment and systems, is particularly suitable for high power applications in limited installation spaces. The battery modules are designed to ensure long life while maintaining excellent efficiency
over time.
The BMS (Battery Management System) can manage and monitor cell information, including voltage, current and temperature as well as keep cells balanced during the charge / discharge process, in order to improve battery life performance.

More battery systems can be connected in parallel to increase the capacity and thus the power supplied for a longer working period.
The Battery Management System (BMS) has overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent and high / low temperature protection functions. The absence of forced ventilation systems for cooling reduces the noise of the entire system.
The operating temperature range, to ensure excellent charging / discharging performance as well as duration is between 0 ° C and 50 ° C.

Dimensions and weight:
Width: 330 mm
Height: 150.5 mm
Depth: 628 mm
Weight: 48 kg

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