MG LiFePO4 25.6V 280Ah 7.2kWh Storage Battery for Hybrid Systems



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The MG LFP LiFePO4 battery 25.6V/280Ah/7.2kWh RJ45. This battery from the LFP series is especially suitable for system solutions up to 144Vdc in combination with the MG Master LV or HV BMS master controller.

This robust battery is based on LiFePo4 chemistry. With its high energy density, the technology is the next level in this chemistry series. The series consists of a 12.8 V and 25.6 V batteries. Both are suitable for replacing existing lead-acid batteries. The modules are very compact and lightweight with a high charging and discharging capacity. At the same time, the longer lifespan makes it a better choice compared to the traditional lead-acid batteries. At the system level, a voltage range from 25.2 V to 470 V and a capacity range from 2.5 kWh to 7.2 kWh can be created with the 25.2 V modules. The communication links between the batteries and the main unit of this model are based on M12 connectors.

LFP battery specifications:
- Technology: Lithium-Ion next generation LiFePO4
- Cell configuration: 8S1P
- Voltage nominal (V): 25.6
- Battery capacity nominal (Ah): 280
- Energy nominal (kWh): 7.2
- Communication: CAN-Bus with RJ45 connectors
- System voltage (Max.): up to 144Vdc
The MG LFP LiFePO4 battery 25.6V/280Ah/7200Wh RJ45 is based on LiFePo4 technology. System flexibility is one of the key features of all MG products. Combining LFP batteries with one of the master units creates a powerful system for a complete range of applications with system voltages from 25.5 V to 144 V and power from 2.5 kWh to 720 kWh. With this model, the CAN-Bus communication between the battery and the BMS master unit is realized with RJ45 cables.

Marine: electric propulsion and aux. battery bank
Automotive: mobile power sources and electric mobility
Off-grid/Solar: self-consumption and off-grid solutions
Industrial: Peak shaving and emergency power systems

Product features:
Lead Acid Replacement
Extended Lifespan
Compact design
Plug and Play
Easy installation
High charge and discharge rate
Up to 144 VDC system voltage

Easy installation:
One of the flaws of a traditional system is all the equipment and wiring required to monitor and connect a battery bank. Combining the LFP series batteries with the MG Master LV creates a compact system with less wiring and external components. The MG Master LV combines battery monitoring and control, DC distribution, fuse box and shunt in one device.

Each battery module comes with an integrated battery management system (BMS). This is an intelligent electronic module (slave BMS), which measures all cell voltages and temperatures to control balancing at both battery cell and module level. The battery modules communicate via a galvanically isolated CAN bus with the MG Master LV or HV (master BMS), which collects and monitors the status of all battery modules. If the measured values ​​of a battery module exceed the limit, the MG Master automatically takes action to protect the connected battery modules.

Battery management controllers:
Protecting, monitoring and controlling a battery system is very important to create a safe, reliable and easy to use system. The MG Master LV or HV is the safety and control unit of the battery system. It protects the connected battery modules from overcharging, overdischarging, over temperature, under temperature and controls the balancing of the battery cells. In addition to a safety function, the MG Master LV or HV monitors and tracks other important parameters to gain insight into battery status and energy consumption. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in applications with limited space.

M12 and RJ45 connections:
The communication links between the batteries and the main unit can be realized with both economical RJ45 cables and more robust M12 cables. Up to 96 V, both options are available. In the range above 96 V, only the M12 option is available. Battery specifications:
Brand: MG
Battery type: Lithium LiFePo4
Model: LFP
Capacity: 280Ah / 7.2 kWh
Battery voltage: 24V
Height: 294mm
Width: 193mm
Length or Depth: 656 mm
Weight: 53.00 kg

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