Green Cell PRO Charger AC Adapter for Lenovo B570 G550 G570 G575 G770 G780 G580 G585 IdeaPad P580 Z510 Z580 Z585 20V 4.5A 90W



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Data sheet

Type EU Plug
Style Home charger
Target platform Laptop adapters
Device model Li Shin LSE0202D2090
As a replacement for Does not apply
Amperage 4.5A
Voltage 20V
Wattage 90W
First connection (Input) EU AC 100-240V
Warranty 2 years
Made in China
Pin outside diameter 5.5mm
Pin inside diameter 2.5mm

More info

Green Cell PRO Charger AC Adapter Green Cell PRO Charger AC Adapter for Lenovo B570 G550 G570 G575 G770 G780 G580 G585 IdeaPad P580 Z510 Z580 Z585 20V 4.5A 90W 5.5mm-2.5mm

Laptop adapter specifications:
Outer plug diameter: 5.5mm / inner plug diameter: 2.5mm
Input: 100 - 240V
Output: 20V - 4.5A (90W)
Power LED indicator

Charger suitable for:

Packard Bell EasyNote
Fujitsu-Siemens S26391
Lenovo IdeaPad Z510
Lenovo IdeaPad Z565
Lenovo Ideapad P580
Lenovo IdeaPad P580A
Lenovo Ideapad P585
Lenovo Ideapad Z580
Lenovo IdeaPad Z580
Lenovo Ideapad Z580A
Lenovo Ideapad Z585
Lenovo IdeaPad Z585
Lenovo IdeaPad Z575
Lenovo E46
Fujitsu ADP
Fujitsu CP483452
Fujitsu FMV
Fujitsu PJW1942NA
Lenovo G480
Lenovo G480 2184
Lenovo G480 2688
Lenovo G485
Lenovo G580
Lenovo G580 2189
Lenovo G580 2689
Lenovo G580A
Lenovo G580AH
Lenovo G580AM
Lenovo G580AX
Lenovo G580H
Lenovo G585
Lenovo IdeaPad P500
Lenovo IdeaPad P580
Lenovo IdeaPad P585
Lenovo IdeaPad Z380
Lenovo IdeaPad Z380A
Lenovo B470
Lenovo B570
Lenovo B570 1068
Lenovo G470
Lenovo G470 4328
Lenovo G470A
Lenovo G470AH
Lenovo G470E
Lenovo G470G
Lenovo G470GH
Lenovo G475
Lenovo G475A
Lenovo G475AX
Lenovo G475E
Lenovo G475G
Lenovo G475GL
Lenovo G475L
Lenovo G565
Lenovo G565 4385
Lenovo G565A
Lenovo G565G
Lenovo G565L
Lenovo G570
Lenovo G570A
Lenovo G570AH
Lenovo G570E
Lenovo G570G
Lenovo G575
Lenovo G575A
Lenovo G575E
Lenovo G575G
Lenovo G575GL
Lenovo G575GX
Lenovo G575L
Lenovo G575M
Lenovo G770
Lenovo G770 1037
Lenovo G770A
Lenovo G770E
Lenovo G770L
Lenovo G780
Lenovo G780 20138
Lenovo G780 2182
Lenovo G780 M843MGE
Lenovo IdeaPad Z370
Lenovo IdeaPad Z370A
Lenovo IdeaPad Z370G
Lenovo IdeaPad Z465A
Lenovo IdeaPad Z465G
Lenovo IdeaPad Z470
Lenovo IdeaPad Z480A
Lenovo IdeaPad Z485
Lenovo K47
Lenovo V360
Lenovo V360A
Lenovo V360G
Lenovo V370
Lenovo V370A
Lenovo V370G
Lenovo V370P
Lenovo V570A
Lenovo V570c
Lenovo V570G
Lenovo V570P
Lenovo IdeaPad Z500
Lenovo G450
Lenovo IdeaPad Y460
Lenovo IdeaPad Y460A
Lenovo IdeaPad Y460AT
Lenovo IdeaPad Y460C
Lenovo IdeaPad Y460G
Lenovo IdeaPad Y460N
Lenovo IdeaPad Y560
Lenovo IdeaPad Z400
Lenovo IdeaPad Y480
Lenovo IdeaPad Y480a
Lenovo IdeaPad Y480m
Lenovo IdeaPad Y480n
Lenovo IdeaPad Y480p
Lenovo V580
Lenovo V580c
Lenovo IdeaPad Y400
Lenovo IdeaPad Y470
Lenovo IdeaPad Y570
Lenovo G550
Lenovo V460
Lenovo V460 0886
Lenovo V460A
Lenovo V460G
Lenovo V460P
Lenovo V560
Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile
Advent 6441
Advent 6551
Advent 6552
Advent 6553
Advent 6650
Fujitsu Amilo Pi3560
Fujitsu Amilo Pi3660
GERICOM Blockbuster Mobile
Lenovo B470 4315
Lenovo B570e
Lenovo B570e N2F23GE
Lenovo B570e2
Lenovo G480A
Lenovo G570 4334
Lenovo IdeaPad Y470N
Lenovo IdeaPad Y470P
Lenovo IdeaPad Y471
Lenovo IdeaPad Y471A
Lenovo IdeaPad Y471D
Lenovo IdeaPad Y471G
Lenovo IdeaPad Y471M
Lenovo IdeaPad Y471N
Lenovo IdeaPad Y471P
Lenovo K42
Lenovo K42A
Lenovo K42G
Lenovo K43
Lenovo K43A
Lenovo K43G
Lenovo K43P
Lenovo K43S
Lenovo K46
Lenovo K46A
Lenovo V380
Delta Electronics ADP
Fujitsu 0713C2090
Fujitsu FPCAC88C
Fujitsu S26113-E533
Fujitsu-Siemens ADP
Fujitsu-Siemens HP
Fujitsu-Siemens S26113
Lenovo 36001647
Lenovo 36001652
Lenovo 36001789
Lenovo 36001927
Lenovo 36001941
Lenovo 36001942
Lenovo 36200397
Lenovo 36200404
Lenovo 36200414
Lenovo 45N0465
Lenovo 45N0466
Lenovo ADP
Lenovo CPA
Lenovo PA-1900
Li Shin LSE0202D2090

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