Power Sonic 4A 58W Charger for 12V AGM SLA batteries with LED status indicator



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Data sheet

Type Car battery charger, EU Plug
Style 12V
Target platform Auto accessories
Compositions Plastic
Amperage 4A
Voltage 220-240V
Characteristics Short circuit protection
Color characteristics Black
Warranty 2 years
Made in European Union
Manufacturing number PSC-124000-PC

More info

“PC” series 3 stage chargers are new “switching” type devices which operate without the use of transformers.
I.C.’s control and regulate current and voltage and automatically switch from the higher fast charge voltage to the lower float voltage when batteries are very close to being fully charged. At the float voltage it is safe to leave the battery connected to the charger indefinitely, making charging pretty much fool-proof.
In the fast charge mode voltage goes up to 2.45V +/- 0.05V before switching, in the float charge mode voltage is held between 2.25- 2.30V/cell.
These chargers are ideal for cyclic applications where recharge time is critical and timely charge termination cannot be counted on. They also ensure optimum battery performance & service life.
PC float chargers are suitable for applications where recharge time is not as critical.

Recharge time depends on the depth of the preceding discharge and the output current of the charger. To determine the approximate recharge time of a fully discharged battery, divide the battery’s amp. hrs. by the rated output current of the charger and multiply the esulting number of hours by a factor of 1.75 to compensate for the declining output current during the charge cycle. If the amount of amp. hrs. discharged from the battery is known, use it instead of the
battery’s capacity to make the calculation. To ensure safe and efficient operation always refer to our Charger Operating Instructions, as published on our website.

With proven, cutting-edge charging technology, Power Sonic is proud to offer the PC series of premium quality battery chargers.
- Engineered for efficiency and reliability
- UL approved
- Medically certified to EN60601-1
- Manufactured in Europe with high-quality components
- ISO certified production facilities

- I.C. based voltage and current regulation designed for sealed (valve-regulated) lead-acid batteries
- Useable on domestic and overseas input voltages
- Automatic dual-rate charging for efficient, care free and safe operation ( dual rate not applicable to float chargers)
- L.E.D.s indicate ‘power on’ and “FAST” and “FLOAT” charging modes
- Lightweight wall mounted plug-in or desk top design with screw type output terminals, depending on output current
- Connectors to the battery for all PC charger models are alligator clips with insulated sleeves
- Protected against accidental reverse polarity connection
- European C.E. approval

Charger specification:
Max Output Power: 58W
Charge Current: 4A
Charge Voltage: 14.7V
Charge Termination: <1.2A
Standby Voltage: 13.7V
Recommended Battery Capacity (Ah): 16/40AH
Length (mm): 135mm
Width (mm):80mm
Height (mm): 44mm
Weight (g): 390g
Style: Plug in
Plug Type: EU PLug / Can be attached any other plug trought the 2 Pin output connector of the charger.
Color: Black
Status indicator: Yes - With LED indicator

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