XCell LA522 LA522/9V 6F22 1200mah Lithium Battery


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Data sheet

Type Single Use
Style 9V
Target platform Lithium batteries
Compositions Lithium
Amperage Does not apply
Voltage 9V
Capacity 1200mAh
Characteristics Extended Capacity, Storage life up to 10 years
Warranty 1 week
Made in China
Manufacturing number 9V

More info

New XCell Lithium 9V batteries with excellent durability are ideal for important home appliances, such as smoke detectors, where they operate longer than standard alkaline batteries. A smoke detector powered by alternating current of up to 10 years remains active for the entire decade if used with a spare battery. This is twice as long as the alkaline battery.

Professional users of audiowizany equipment, such as wireless microphones with 9V lithium batteries, can be 5 times longer than standard alkaline batteries.

Type: Lithium battery
Battery voltage: 9V
Package: 1 pc (Bulk packing / In standard plastic bag)
Other names of the battery: L522/9V/9B/E-Block
Battery size: 9V
Battery height: 49mm
Battery length: 26.5mm
Battery width: 17.5 in
Battery weight: 33.9 in

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