Green Cell PRO 5200mAh 10.8V (11.1V) battery compatible with Lenovo ThinkPad T410 T420 T510 T520 W510 SL410 Edge 14



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Data sheet

Target platform Laptop battery
Device model Lenovo ThinkPad L410, Lenovo ThinkPad L412, Lenovo ThinkPad L420, Lenovo ThinkPad L421, Lenovo ThinkPad L510, Lenovo ThinkPad L512, Lenovo ThinkPad L520, Lenovo ThinkPad SL410, Lenovo ThinkPad SL410K, Lenovo Thinkpad Edge, Lenovo ThinkPad W520, Lenovo ThinkPad SL510, Lenovo ThinkPad T410, Lenovo ThinkPad T410i, Lenovo ThinkPad T420, Lenovo ThinkPad T420i, Lenovo ThinkPad T510, Lenovo ThinkPad T510i, Lenovo ThinkPad T520, Lenovo ThinkPad T520i, Lenovo ThinkPad W510
As a replacement for 42T4801, 42T48O2, 42T48O3, 42T4911, 42T4912, 42T4913, 42T4921, 42T4923, 42T4925, 42T4927, 51J0498, 51J0499, 51J0500, 42T48O1, 42T4887, 42T4802, 42T4803, 42T4817, 42T4819, 42T4848, 42T4849, 42T4850, 42T4851, 42T4852, 42T485O, 42T4883, 42T4885, 51JO498, 51JO499, 51JO5OO, 57Y4185, 57Y4186, 42T47O9, 42T4712, 42T4713, 42T4714, 42T4715, 42T471O, 42T4731, 42T4732, 42T4733, 42T4734, 42T4735, 42T4736, 42T4737, 42T4711, 42T4710, 57Y4545, 42T4757, 42T4235, 42T4702, 42T4703, 42T4704, 42T4705, 42T4706, 42T4708, 42T4709, 42T4738, 42T4739, 42T4794, 42T4795, 42T4796, 42T4797, 42T4798, 42T4799, 42T479O, 42T47O2, 42T47O3, 42T47O4, 42T47O5, 42T47O6, 42T4793, 42T4792, 42T4751, 42T4752, 42T4753, 42T4754, 42T4755, 42T4756, 42T4763, 42T4764, 42T4765, 42T4766, 42T4790, 42T4791, 42T47O8
Compositions Lithium-Ion
Voltage 10.8V, 11.1V
Capacity 5200mAh
Warranty 1 year
Made in China
Manufacturing number Does not apply

More info

Green Cell is a high-quality laptop battery dedicated for your laptop. The battery features Li-ion cells developed by Samsung, that are a guarantee of real capacity, reliability and long working hours. The battery is a precisely designed model that matches a specific laptop to ensure highest work efficiency, stability and safety.
Technically advanced batteries that withstand the most rigorous quality control procedures.
High performance thanks to original Samsung cells.
Precise and verified compatibility lists ensure a perfect fit with a dedicated device.

Battery type: Li-Ion
Number of cells: 6 (Samsung original)
Capacity: 5200mAh
Voltage: 10.8V (11.1V) (Note!: Verify the voltage of your battery. There are multiple voltages of the battery on the market. If the voltage is different, may damage your device and the functionality is not guaranteed!)
Dimensions: 206x54x20mm
Weight: 300g
Overdischarge protection: Yes
Overcharge protection: Yes
Color: Black

Replaces following battery models:
57Y4545 / 42T4757 / 42T4235 / 42T4702 / 42T4703 / 42T4704 / 42T4705 / 42T4706 / 42T4708 / 42T4709 / 42T4710 / 42T4711 / 42T4712 / 42T4713 / 42T4714 / 42T4715 / 42T471O / 42T4731 / 42T4732 / 42T4733 / 42T4734 / 42T4735 / 42T4736 / 42T4737 / 42T4738 / 42T4739 / 42T4751 / 42T4752 / 42T4753 / 42T4754 / 42T4755 / 42T4756 / 42T4763 / 42T4764 / 42T4765 / 42T4766 / 42T4790 / 42T4791 / 42T4792 / 42T4793 / 42T4794 / 42T4795 / 42T4796 / 42T4797 / 42T4798 / 42T4799 / 42T479O / 42T47O2 / 42T47O3 / 42T47O4 / 42T47O5 / 42T47O6 / 42T47O8 / 42T47O9
42T4801 / 42T4802 / 42T4803 / 42T4817 / 42T4819 / 42T4848 / 42T4849 / 42T4850 / 42T4851 / 42T4852 / 42T485O / 42T4883 / 42T4885 / 42T4887 / 42T48O1 / 42T48O2 / 42T48O3 / 42T4911 / 42T4912 / 42T4913 / 42T4921 / 42T4923 / 42T4925 / 42T4927 / 51J0498 / 51J0499 / 51J0500 / 51JO498 / 51JO499 / 51JO5OO / 57Y4185 / 57Y4186

The battery is suitable for:
Lenovo ThinkPad SL510
Lenovo ThinkPad T410
Lenovo ThinkPad T410i
Lenovo ThinkPad T420
Lenovo ThinkPad T420i
Lenovo ThinkPad T510
Lenovo ThinkPad T510i
Lenovo ThinkPad T520
Lenovo ThinkPad T520i
Lenovo ThinkPad W510
Lenovo ThinkPad W520
Lenovo Thinkpad Edge
Lenovo ThinkPad L410
Lenovo ThinkPad L412
Lenovo ThinkPad L420
Lenovo ThinkPad L421
Lenovo ThinkPad L510
Lenovo ThinkPad L512
Lenovo ThinkPad L520
Lenovo ThinkPad SL410
Lenovo ThinkPad SL410K

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