Professional Laser Distance Meter up to 100 Meters



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This rangefinder is popular with companies, handymen and hobbyists. With one button you measure distances up to 100 meters accurate to the millimeter. This ultimate replacement for your tape measure and measuring roll guarantees years of pleasure and convenience.

Short, medium and long distances are no problem for this laser rangefinder. With this digital device you measure accurately using the "High Precision Laser", the length (M1), surface (M2) and volume (M3) up to three decimal places. In addition to the many functions, you can also save the important data at the touch of a button in the integrated internal memory so that you never lose measurements again. This device is provided with all necessary safety certificates.

What is the item suitable for?
This measuring tool is suitable for the following measuring jobs:
✓ Easily measure short lengths such as the kitchen, bathroom and shed.
✓ Easy measurement of long lengths, such as street distances, warehouses, etc.
✓ Large and small projects (data can always be stored in memory).
✓ Complex measurements, due to the different measurement methods.

Main benefits:
✓ Precise measurements with an accuracy of ± 1 mm
✓ Measure lengths up to 100 meters
✓ Suitable for continuous measurements
✓ Measure areas and volumes (incl. Pythagoras function)
✓ Storage of up to 20 measurements (ideal for projects)
✓ Clear Backlit LCD
✓ Spirit level
✓ Compact and comfortable with soft grip

Technical specifications:
- Measuring range: 0.05 – 100 m
- Measure length (m, ft, in)
- Continuous length measurement (m, ft, in)
- Measure surfaces (m², ft², in²)
- Measure volumes (m³, ft³, in³)
- Measuring time 0.20 seconds
- LCD screen with backlight
- Laser type: 635nm, 10000
- 2 x 1.5 V (AAA) batteries (not included)
- Dimensions: 120 x 55 x 30 mm
- Weight: 110 grams

Why this professional laser distance meter?
This rangefinder is offered for a reasonable price while maintaining the long reach (100 meters) and many other functions. In addition, this device is provided with all required quality marks.

Always keep the laser distance meter clean and use only a damp cloth without cleaning agents for cleaning. Do not submerge the device and be extra careful with the receiving lens.

Tips & Tricks
Make sure that the exit of the laser beam and the receiving lens are not covered or that the laser beam is blocked by objects between the measuring device and the end point. Prevent movement during measurements by placing the measuring tool in a stable position (except for the function: continuous measurement). Take into account error measurements due to, for example, strong ambient light, transparent surfaces and reflective surfaces.

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