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Do you also find it too much work to hang and secure things? And would you rather not be stuck with holes in the wall? Then nano tape is really something for you! With nano tape you can secure everything without having to drill. Thanks to the ultimate adhesive strength, you can now attach everything within seconds. Do you want to use the tape somewhere else? Then you can easily remove the tape and use it again!

What are the advantages of this tape?
The tape is reusable.
The tape does not leave any adhesive residue.
The tape is double sided.
The tape can be used at temperatures from -20℃ ~ 80℃.
The tape is waterproof.
The tape is super fast to use.
A microfibre cloth is included for optimum adhesive strength.

How to use?
1. Clean the surface with the supplied microfibre cloth.
2. Cut the tape to the desired length.
3. Affix the tape to the surface.
4. Press the tape firmly.
5. Remove the protective layer from the tape.
6. Stick the tape to the other object.
7. You're done!

How do I get an even better result?
Clean the surface.
More tape means more bearing capacity.
Press the tape firmly to remove the protective film.

What to use?
With plastic
On flat tiles
On windows and mirrors
On flat wood
With everyday objects
As car door protection/rubbing strip

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