Maha Powerex C9000 PRO AA of AAA NiMH/NiCD EU-Plug Battery charger



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Data sheet

Type EU Plug
Style AAA
Target platform Battery chargers
Compositions Plastic
Amperage 2A
Voltage 110-220V
Characteristics With LCD screen
Color characteristics Black
Warranty 2 years
Made in Taiwan
Manufacturing number MH-C9000PRO

More info

The Maha Powerex C9000Pro is the updated and improved version of the MH-9000. This professional battery charger now features a large backlit LCD screen, battery lock memory functions, an easier setup process, and is much more compact than the previous iteration.

The charger has 4 independent charging channels for AA or AAA NiMH / NiCD rechargeable batteries. These channels can be set individually, and through the easy setup process these settings can be quickly copied to one of the other channels. In addition, the C9000Pro also has a memory function that will remember the last settings of the channels. All this makes it possible to charge 1 battery, for example, and discharge 2, all at the same time. Each charging channel works through the proven -ΔV charging process.

The C9000Pro features 4 unique programs that are used to charge, discharge, recondition, and analyze rechargeable batteries. The analysis & reconditioning programs can be used to identify broken or badly conditioned batteries that normal battery chargers cannot find. These problems can have a significant effect on the discharge time of a set of multiple batteries. This can often be solved with program 2 or 3.

Program 1: Charging
The charging current is adjustable from 0.2 to 2.0A in steps of 0.1A. For all programs, the progress (voltage, capacity reached, charging current) is displayed.

Program 2: Refresh / analyze
Charges, discharges and charges the battery according to self-determined amperages. Recommended for batteries that have not been used for several weeks.

Program 3: Capacity Analysis Break in / IEC
Very practical mode to accurately determine the actual capacity of a battery. This option can also be used to restore batteries that have not been used for a long time to good condition. The capacity specified by the manufacturer must be set, after which the device itself determines the charging and discharging currents. This is also the mode in which the batteries must be charged for the very first time.

Program 4: Discharge
Discharges the battery with a set charging current. Handy for quickly determining the (residual) capacity.

Supported Battery Types: AA / AAA - NiMH / NiCD
Display: Illuminated LCD with ON / OFF function
Programs: Charging, Refresh / Analyze, Break-In, Discharge
Charging time: 1 hour
Load Capacity: Programmable from 0.2A to 2.0A, with 0.1A steps
Discharge rate: Programmable from 0.1A to 1.0A, in 0.1A steps
Battery charger power supply: 12V DC 2.0A (included)
Dimensions: 108 x 108 x 50.8 mm

Memory function
Easy to set up
Large backlit LCD screen
4 independent charging channels

Note! No batteries included. The batteries on the photos are purely for imaging.

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