Inverter charger with starting support 12V/24V everActive CBC-40



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Data sheet

Type Car battery charger
Style CBC-40
Target platform Battery chargers
Compositions Metal
Amperage 40A
Voltage 24V
Characteristics No specific properties
Color characteristics Red
Warranty 2 years
Made in China
Manufacturing number CBC40

More info

Charger 'rectifier' for 12V / 24V gel / AGM / lead-acid batteries
Everactive CBC-40
Made in advanced inverter technology, it combines the best features of traditional transformer rectifiers and impulse chargers.
CBC-40 is the tallest model in the everActive car charger series. It is an automatic charger for all types of acid batteries (car, etc.) 12V and 24V, gel / AGM with capacities from 25-1000 Ah.

Basic technical data:
Charging current (effective value): 5 - 40A (smoothly adjustable) for both 12V and 24V batteries.
Charging current (maximum value): 60A.
Current for starting assistance (maximum value): 300A - for both 12V and 24V batteries.
Maximum charging voltage: 14.8 V / 29 V (+ 0.4 V) - the charger ensures that the battery is fully charged, ensuring the correct electrolyte density levels while reducing the risk of overcharging the battery.
EverActive inverter charger combines the best features of transformer rectifiers and impulse chargers (microprocessors) while eliminating their main drawbacks.
Advanced inverter technology is many times smaller in size and weight and much more efficient compared to traditional transformer chargers.
Our charger allows smooth, stepless adjustment of the effective charging current in the range of 5 - 40A, regardless of whether we connect a 12V or 24V battery.
The maximum charging current is a maximum of 60A. In addition, our product is equipped with a start-up option and has a maximum current of 300A (!) In this mode.
The industrial character of the everCctive CBC-40 charger makes it a great addition to any workshop equipment - the product is especially recommended for professionals - with the help of this charger it is possible to start almost any vehicle in a few minutes, regardless of battery condition and external conditions. The high maximum rated current ensures efficient charging, even for electric forklift trucks, electric vehicles, melexes, etc. powered by 12V / 24V batteries.

- Input voltage: 220-240V AC 50Hz / 60Hz, 7A
- Supported batteries: 12V / 24V DC manual gel selection, lead acid, AGM, VRLA, VLA, SLA, NAT, GEL, lead acid
- Supported battery capacity: 25-1000Ah for 12V / 24V
- Efficiency:> 75-80%
- Maximum charging voltage: 14.8 V (+ 0.4 V) for 12V batteries, 29 V (+ 0.4 V) for 24 V batteries
- Charging current (effective): infinitely variable 5..40 [A] for 12V / 24V
- Working temperature: -20..40 pcs. C (power limit at higher temperatures)
- Dimensions: 160 x 105 x 245 [mm]
- Other: built-in fan, power cord length approx. 1.8 m, total length of connectors with crocodiles approx. 1.8 m

- everActive CBC-40 automatic charger with connectors
- manual PL / EN / DE
- original packaging

Features of the CBC-40 charger:
- electronically stabilized output voltage reduces the risk of overcharging the battery,
- charging the batteries with the safest method: CC (constant current) and after reaching the target voltage using the CV method (constant voltage with automatic limitation of the charging current to 0A),
- effective charging of extremely empty batteries,
- ability to fully charge batteries with electrolyte density equalization throughout the battery, automatic desulfurization mode,
- smooth, stepless control (limitation) of the charging current in the range from 5A to 40A,
- maintaining a high voltage at the output, even after the end of charging, helps to achieve the correct electrolyte density in each chamber of the battery (equalizing charge),
- the same setting options for the output current for both 12V and 24V batteries,
- the device has solid, fully insulated connections - alligator clips,
- after a pause and resumption of the AC power supply, the charger automatically starts charging in 12V mode, with a preset charging current,
- charger equipped with a digital ammeter, which indicates the approximate current current value of the charging current, allows a quick assessment of the condition and the level of charge of the battery.

- Automatic inverter charger for popular 12V and 24V batteries used in automotive and industry.
- Type inverter, with 300A start-up support.
- Ideal for lead acid batteries, gel, AGM, used in cars, forklift trucks.
- Charging current (effective): adjustable from 5-40A.
- charging current (maximum): 60 A.

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