2.5mm Jack 4-pole - Composite AV audio video adapter



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Data sheet

Type 2.5mm Jack to Composite AV
Style Male to Female
Target platform Audio cables
Compositions Tinned copper
Characteristics No specific properties
Color characteristics Black
Length characteristics 20 centimeters
Chip Does not apply
First connection (Input) Audio 2.5mm male
Second connection (Output) Composiet AV female
HDMI version Does not apply
Warranty 2 years
Made in China
Pin outside diameter Standard audio 2.5mm dimensions, Standard Composiet AV dimensions
Pin inside diameter Standard audio 2.5mm dimensions, Standard Composiet AV dimensions
Pin length Standard audio 2.5mm dimensions, Standard Composiet AV dimensions

More info

2.5mm Jack 4-pole - Composite audio video adapter - version right / left / video / ground (TRRS)
Use this cable adapter to connect a (portable) device with 4-pole 2.5mm Jack audio and video connection to a cable with composite audio and video connectors.

TRRS: Audio right / audio left / video / mass
The pin assignment of the 4-pole 2.5mm Jack connector is not universal, and can therefore differ per brand or device. This adapter follows the following pinout: TRRS: Audio right / audio left / video / ground. The image accompanying this article clearly shows which part of the connector carries which signal.

Pay attention! 2.5 mm Jack connector
Pay attention! This item has a 4-pin 2.5mm Jack connector. This connector is smaller than the common 3.5mm Jack headphone / aux connector (Mini Jack). Check carefully if you need this smaller connector.

2.5 mm Jack
The 2.5 mm Jack connector is smaller than the 3.5 mm Jack (Mini Jack) connector and is also called Micro Jack. This connection mainly occurs on smaller portable devices such as Walkie Talkies, telephones, PDAs, cameras etc.

4 pin 2.5mm Jack connector
This adapter has a 4-pole connector, recognizable by the 3 black rings that separate the 4 poles. This means that this connector transmits a 3rd signal (video) in addition to audio left, right and ground. This makes this adapter ideal for portable devices with a 4-pole 2.5 mm output.

Composite video
The composite video plug is an older video connection that you recognize by the yellow color. Other names for composite are CVBS or in English composite. (Older) Portable devices such as video cameras and portable DVD players often have this connector, but also televisions, video recorders and projectors (usually) have a composite video input in an easily accessible location (side, front).

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