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Rechargeable battery for cordless telephones GP T157 P-P301 BL027



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Data sheet

Style Uniross PT4
Target platform Dect phone batteries
Warranty 6 months

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Fits the following models:

  • Panasonic : KX-A282, KX-A380, KX-A381, KX-A382, KX-TC165, KX-TC167, KX-TC168, KX-TC185, KX-TC187, KX-TC188, KX-TC189, KX-TC206, KX-TC216, KX-TC226, KX-TC256, KX-TC257, KX-TC266, KX-TC275, KX-TC276, KX-TC277, KX-TC281, KX-TC286, KX-TC328, KX-TC368, KX-TC378, KX-TC408, KX-TC409, KX-TC418, KX-TC419, KX-TC423, KX-TC428, KX-TC1005, KX-TC1006, KX-TC1008, KX-TC1015, KX-TC1017, KX-TC1019, KX-TC1025, KX-TC1026, KX-TC1035, KX-TC1037, KX-TC1045, KX-TC1055, KX-TC1057, KX-TC1065, KX-TC1067, KX-TC1068, KX-TC1075, KX-TC1077, KX-TC1078, KX-TC1085, KX-TC1105, KX-TC1107, KX-TC1175, KX-TC1177, KX-TC1178, KX-TC1200, KX-TC1201, KX-TC1205, KX-TC1206, KX-TC1207, KX-TC1208, KX-TC1405, KX-TC1406, KX-TC1455, KX-TC2000, KX-TC2001, KX-TC2005, KX-TC2006, KX-TC2007, KX-TC2008, KX-TC2100, KX-TC2101, KX-TC2105, KX-TC2106, KX-TCA390, KX-TCA391, KX-TCC106, KX-TCC116, KX-TCM415, KX-TCM416, KX-TCM438, KX-TCM506, KX-TCM516, KX-TCM517, KX-TCM526, KX-TCM527, KX-TCM546, KX-TCM568, SANTIAGO50, SANTIAGO100, SANTIAGO150, SANTIAGO300
  • Uniden : XC310, XC326, XC346
  • Sony: SPP-75, SPP-A20, SPP-A40, SPP-D15


  • Type: GP T157 P-P301 (HHR-P301E/1B).
  • Ni-MH; 600 mAh; 3,6 V; 3xAA
  • Replaces original batteries: P301, P-P301, KX-A36A, Panasonic type 2
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • 300mAh
  • Dimensions: 42.4 x 29.2 x 14.4 mm

The battery also replaces other batteries:

  • AT&T 4050,
  • General Electric BT-11, TL96156, GE GES-PCH02,
  • Gemini TA248,
  • Energizer P-3302,
  • GP Battery T107, T157, T254, T343
  • ITT Lucent,
  • Panasonic P-P302, P-P303,
  • Philips SJB5192,
  • Radio Shack 23-281,
  • Sanyo 3N-270AA,
  • Sony BP-T16,
  • South Western Bell S60508,
  • Toshiba TRB 6500,
  • Uniden BP-T16, BT-185, CT-301,
  • Uniross PT4.
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